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Myofunctional Therapy Programs

Tongue Tie Release Therapy Program


Includes Therapy before and after tongue tie release, referral services as needed and pre and post operative care.

30-60 minute sessions every 2 weeks on average with midsession video check-ins

12 Session Myofunctional Therapy Program


12 sessions held approximately once every 2 weeks.

Includes comprehensive myofunctional therapy focusing on  4 goals.  Also includes midsession check-ins, referral services and pre and postoperative care as needed.

30-60 minute sessions

Option of Online, In Person or a Combination

Mini Myo Program


Designed for Children Aged 3-5

Before child is ready for full program

1-5 sessions designed to educate parent and 

start patient on a road to healthy orofacial

growth and development

Payment Plans and Insurance

Payment plans are available to help ease the cost of myofunctional therapy.  Unfortunately, I do not bill insurance for therapy.  Patients are welcome to bill insurance on their own for reimbursement and I can provide documentation (superbill) to do so.  In most cases health savings accounts will cover myofunctional therapy.  Ask for specific details.

Discounts are available for payment in full at the start of therapy.

Online Schedu​ling

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